InSight Out! Project

Opening 26 March 2016, 5.00 p.m.
Thammasart University, Tha Phachan campus

The InSIGHT Out! project was started by a group of professional photojournalists who covered the 2004 Asian tsunami disaster who wanted to give young people a chance to document their own feelings on recovery. Young people will be guided to produce visual and written images – of their inner emotions and perceptions about themselves, their family and their community – and explore ways of translating these feelings to the outside world.

Storytelling using visual images and the written and spoken word is a powerful medium for youth to navigate memory, uncertainty and dreams. Photographs combined with prose, personal journals and youth-conducted interviews will be edited into a group documentary exhibition that expresses their experience of the tsunami, conflict, civil war and also explores the challenges they faced before the disaster, and continue to face in their daily lives.

The workshop includes children and teenagers who have lost their family, friends, homes and schools. The training will combine technical skills and creative expression in photography and writing to cultivate Youths Identity, Leadership Building and their role in the greater community.

InSIGHT Out! For the past 10 years, InSIGHT OUT! has trained children in Phang Nga and Koh Panyee Thailand. Banda Aceh, Indonesia, conflict affected provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat in Thailand’s southern border with Malaysia.