As a documentary photography group, it is in PhotJourn’s DNA to support the photography community, but we also believe change in society must come from inside, from those who are affected. For that effect, we set up a workshop for stateless Thai children, who should get citizenship but are left aside by the law. After giving them a camera for a week and working alongside them, we’ll have the honour to present the result of their work during the festival.

PhotoJourn will select 30 children from Karen communities in Um Phang, Tak province, in close cooperation with Umphang Hospital and Mong Guo School. Children will have a chance to tell their own story through the camera. Then six of them will be chosen to attend the festival and act as ambassadors for all children. They will thus have a chance to describe their situation to the general public in Bangkok, and hopefully to policymakers in the Thai government.


Images from InSight Out! Project